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About Us

Lula's began in October 2011 as Lula Cakes after Lora re-discovered her grandmother’s famous chocolate cake recipe. Having grown up next door to her grandparents in Iowa, Lora remembered fondly the time she spent in her Grandmother Lula’s kitchen. One of her most favorite things to do with her Grandmother Lula was to bake (second to eating her delightful and original creations, of course!)

Like Lula, Lora loves being in the kitchen and preparing delicious treats. Upon combining the conversion of Lula’s chocolate cake recipe into a cupcake recipe matched for the high altitude baking in Colorado and the idea of owning her own business, Lora started Lula Cakes. She then moved back to Iowa and changed the name to Lula's Bakery to share her creations of all baked goods with friends and family.

Lula's Bakery is unique because of the love and passion that goes into each baked good. Lora is designing new creations just for you all of the time. Lora adored her Grandmother Lula, as she adores each and everything she bakes. Share in the temptation of Lula's Bakery. You will be delighted.

Lora invites everyone to please check out and 'Like' the Lula's Bakery page,